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In a - says during her non-working time she lives in San Francisco, where she hangs with other artists. "There's a lot of cute writers up there," she says. " Though she has been MIA for the last decade since she was arrested for shoplifting ,760 worth of goods at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, she has a few buzzed-about upcoming projects -- including (out Jan. PHOTOS: Gwyneth, Winona - and other shocking BFF breakups "After these movies, which were a real gift to me, work breeds work," she tells the paper.

"There were a few years where the only thing I was getting offered was [slasher movies].

In the early to mid-1990s, Sennett appeared in shows primarily marketed toward teens.

During this period he ended up playing two big supporting roles of Ronnie Pinsky on Salute Your Shorts and Joseph "Joey the Rat" Epstein on Boy Meets World.

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After four albums and time out for several varyingly successful side-projects, they are visibly happy to be back together.

Actress Winona Ryder has shocked Hollywood by announcing her engagement to rocker Blake Sennett.

Ryder and Sennett revealed their news to guests at the Valentino show that marked the end of Paris Fashion Week in France on Thursday–before most of the world even knew they were dating.

The album's covers and inlays were designed by Lewis and Pierre de Reeder, with photography by Autumn de Wilde. The band's first official major label debut features a number of guests musicians, including Jackson Browne, Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet and James Valentine and Mickey Madden from Maroon 5.

However, the album credits do not state on which songs the guests appear.

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