Bungie armor not updating

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plays — the relative strengths and weaknesses of the weapons, armor, subclasses, abilities and the like.

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“We also have some explaining to do about those elemental primaries that are staged to make a comeback.“We hope you’ll tune in. It’s a party in your honor – something between a graduation and a reunion.“There is a final stream to watch before this new age begins. We’ll talk about how they’ll look and how they’ll work.”Age of Triumph will let players collect any items they might have missed via a new Treasure of Ages box.If you look at my Reach profile it will show the armor I last wore like 2014. The final Destiny Age of Triumph stream goes live on Wednesday, March 22, and will focus on some of the new gear being added.There's more here than just a snow-capped Tower: Bungie has returned a fan-favourite activity, built yet more onto Destiny's core gameplay and responded to several important points of fan feedback.Oh, and it even manages to get Nathan Fillion out of retirement to steal the show once more.

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