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Ladies in the kitchen, drinking fruity beverages (you know how they are). As soon as Chris tells all the women to pack their bags in case they have to leave later, Tenley's endless stores of salty neediness start leaking out of her eyeballs. Nikki tells us that she really doesn't want to leave. It will star two former Top Models and some guy from , and you, Elizabeth, will be the third lead. Kiptyn goes by poundage, figuring that with three girls, it's got to be "the biggest elimination to date."Everybody goes outside into The Courtyard Of Abandoned Dignity, where a bottle waits on a table. Right up until this point, she was pretty positive that in the end, this was all going to be decided in a doing-quantum-physics-naked contest, but it was going to be judged strictly on the physics part. My favorite thing in the world: The subtitles (here employed because of whispering, and also the numbing effects of a lot of wine on the voice over time) actually quote one of the girls saying, "Omigosh." Spelled thusly. Gwen quite correctly notes that this is "big big big trouble" for her, since none of the dudes wants to be partners with his mom. Uhn."The guys solemnly arrange themselves around this round table with a bottle on it, and this has nothing to do with spin the bottle, so what is nonsense now? Isn't that sort of her thing, feeling betrayed? The four "couples" then start trying to guess what the next competition is going to consist of.Gwen, also known as "that one blonde lady that's older than Whistler's Mother," laments the fact that she doesn't have any roses except the one that's bedazzled on her shirt (oh, GRANNY, how you do dress up for bridge parties), and she tells us that she's the only one here by herself. Kovacs declares himself "legitimately nervous," and he will remain so until someone reminds him whether he's a boy or a girl. Chris is now standing with Melissa "I Gave Up Professional Cheerleading For This? Melissa Rycroft gets the unenviable job of explaining the incredibly stupid way this is going to work, which is that each guy will approach a woman and ask her for a KISS, which she can accept or not. The only thing the stupid bottle does is decide what order the guys pick in. Even Kiptyn, who seems like such a harmless guy that he's named KIPTYN ("Kiptyn: The Happiest Bear In Fuzzytown"), comes off like a sex maniac now that it appears to be about nothing but who will let you kiss her. I really love it when these particular people try to "figure stuff out." It's basically the intellectual equivalent of throwing eight marshmallows into a lunchbox, closing the lid, and seeing if, when you open it up, they've written anything.

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An extended opening montage features a lot of horribly annoying people being horribly annoying, and the guilty part of guilty pleasure kicks in. Eventually, I push past the shame and the pre-game highlights reel is over.In a nutshell, they all have a shot at love and 0,000. The winner gets a rose which means 1) they are safe from elimination and 2) they get to go on a date with the guy/girl(s) of their choosing. In this sea of buffoons, Harrison's the only guy who always manages to keep his dignity intact. On the other hand, any ounce of respect I had for perky Disney princess, Tenley is gone.I’m thinking the girl got seriously lucky with her edit last time when she was cast as Jake’s lovely alternative to the villainess Vienna.I love the guys from Andi’s season, and it delights me to no end that they all became such good friends.Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is sharing a secret £4 million bachelor pad with an attractive French politician at the centre of a probe into illegal funding of his party.

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