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The Fort Worth, Texas native was also mandated by Judge Michael Kellogg to receive domestic violence counseling for a year and five years of probation, as well as keeping away from his ex-girlfriend for 10 years, in connection with the conviction.

Headed to jail: So You Think You Can Dance's Joshua Allen, 28, was sentenced Thursday to one year in Los Angeles County Jail in connection with a domestic violence conviction.

Joshua Allen -- the Season 4 winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" -- was sentenced to 1 year behind bars for attacking his girlfriend ... Allen pled no contest Thursday to felony domestic violence and felony assault with a deadly weapon.

He also got 5 years probation and was ordered to complete 52 weeks of domestic violence classes. When a woman tried stepping in, Allen allegedly threw a glass vase at her and trashed the shop before bystanders took him down.

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The fan wrote, “Pls have the graciousness to respond to our question @dizzyfeet .. It’s claimed the dancer, who reportedly already has a domestic violence conviction, tried to strangle his significant other in April, a violent act that also allegedly violated a restraining order.So You Think You Can Dance's fourth season winner Joshua Allen was sentenced to one year in Los Angeles County Jail in connection with a domestic violence conviction, at a hearing at the Van Nuys courthouse Thursday.The 28-year-old entertainer pleaded no contest to two felony charges against him after he was accused in July of 2016 of two violent incidents with his ex-girlfriend, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.As we previously noted, that entailed evaluating all the contestants at a Dance Academy, before each pro chose one with whom to partner. But on the season’s first live episode this past Monday, host Cat Deeley announced that Allen would no longer be participating, and Sheaden was now working with a different alum, Marko Germar.No reason for Allen’s sudden departure was announced. ” Lythgoe not only retweeted the message, but also replied, saying, “As far as I am aware his decision was private.

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