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This era is known as the ‘Age of the Mammals.’ This uplifting rejuvenated the streams, which rapidly responded by cutting downward into the ancient bedrock.Some streams flowed along weak layers that define the folds and faults created many millions of years earlier.New listings for 2009: Annual balls in Connecticut and Michigan, two dance series in Massachusetts, a historic plantation in Pennsylvania, a Regency society in Oregon, English country dancing in several states - and Canada, and Jane Austen getaways at a Federal-period bed-and-breakfast in Vermont!This page offers a list of events - and groups that hold events - that provide occasions to wear Regency or Federalist costumes.Population: Town: 57,840 - Urban: 70,273 - Vale: 174,900 Post Code: HP19 - HP21 Location: Central Buckinghamshire. 'Aeglesburh' roughly translates as "Fort of Aegel", though it is not certain exactly who Aegel was. Aylesbury History: Aylesbury has a long and interesting history and the name is thought to originate from Anglo-Saxon times, the earliest evidence of settlement in Aylesbury is the remains of an Iron Age hill-fort dating from around 650 BC.For a great explanation of buckskinning and an intensive list of events in the upper midwest for buckskinners and military reenactors, I strongly recommend a visit to Eddie Little Bear's Tipi. A pretty serious group of reenactors, but much less militarily focused than most. Has "a core group of reenactors in Alberta, but members from across North America benefit from the information in the club's quarterly publication, Northwest Journal." Worldcon. A five-day event hosted by Fort Toulouse and Jackson State Park in Wetumpka, a public-oriented living-history event in November.As the name implies, this is in fact the product of a worldwide organization: the World Science Fiction Society. Well, for complex reasons, most Worldcons include a Regency ball. Also, "skilled reenactors such as the Tennessee Militiaman demonstrate the war of 1812 and the Creek war of 1813-1814 the first weekend of each month and the second week of November beginning November 6th." We Make History.

The website is full of information on customs and costumes. The site goes on to say, "We have no officers, no organization, and no formal membership, but we do get together once a year for an Assembly..more often when we like.

The early building, now known as Old Bethel, was donated to the black congregation in 1876.

Amid good will of both white and black congregations, it was moved across the street to its present location, 222 Calhoun Street, in 1882. John the Baptist is a magnificent structure built on the foundation of the 1854 cathedral that burned down in the Charleston Fire of 1861.

Plenty of other Iron-Age and Bronze-Age artefacts have been found at other locations in and around the town, giving evidence of its ancient origins.

There is not much evidence that the Romans actually occupied the town, though there was possibly a small fort at Walton and there were certainly a number of villas peppered around the immediate areas.

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