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Entertainment announced the creation of Girls' Generation-TTS, as the first official subgroup of the 9-member South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.The group started off their promotional activities on Mnet's M!The critics began to shake their cynical heads and predict that this might be the end of the Forsyth Saga. It had been only a week before the 'flu bug struck him down that eight million prime-time viewers had watched the astonishing spectacle of Brucie - 82 in three months time - taking to the floor at Blackpool's Tower Ballroom and showing Strictly's teenybopper hoofers all around him just how a real entertainer does it.It seemed impossible to believe that the lithe, nimble figure twinkle-toeing his way across the gleaming parquet of the country's most celebrated dance hall, and belting out a Lerner and Loewe hit at the same time, could possibly be an octogenarian father of six, the grandfather of eight and the great-grandfather of two.Bruce Forsyth's triumphant comeback to Strictly Come Dancing at the weekend served to prove again the truth of that ancient showbiz adage - you can't keep an old trouper down.

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For falling in and out of love - not always with the women to whom he was married - is something that Forsyth has done rather a lot in his turbulent and not so private life.

By his own admission, even before television's Sunday Night At The London Palladium elevated him to star status 51 years ago, Our Brucie was a rather naughty Jack the Lad where beautiful women were concerned.

Joy Abbott’s parents had a lasting influence on her life. He went to University of the Philippines, and he studied accounting. So, you lived in Wahiawa, which in those days was much farther away from town that it is now, because of the lack of freeways.

They armed her with three important gifts: an excellent education, training to develop her talents, and values to guide her. He became an accountant, but he wanted to see the, quote, unquote, new world, so he came to Hawaii. And Keola Beamer, the composer’s and slack key artist’s uncle. And you went to Punahou School, which is all the way in town.

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